Mari and Ori's page of photo's

The pics were taken at dusk... sorry they tend to run a little dark in the background.


was a gift from Mr. Okukawa in Japan. Thank you Mr. Okukawa!!!

This is Mari at 5 months old.. She is 22 inches tall here. Mari came to us on Thanksgiving Day... I have a lot to be thankful for because she is such a sweetheart, look at those eyes!!! Darker than midnight! The first picture was done on purpose.. I stacked her in traditional Akiho style :) The second is a pretty head shot ,in the third she moved, but it was a cute shot anyway so I threw it in.


Ori is a little over a year old in these pictures . I would have liked her face to be a little whiter but the bone this bitch has and her viberant red color makes up for it! Okay... so she won't stack for me! What can I say! :)

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